About Us

Formed in 1968 The Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association (SAVVA) is the Association of Veteran and Vintage Clubs in Southern Africa of which there are forty. SAVVA is affiliated to Motorsport South Africa (MSA) the National controlling body for all motorsport in South Africa. MSA in turn is affiliated to the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) the world motorsport controlling body (FIM). SAVVA is the South African representative of the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) the International Historic Vehicle Organisation. (IHVO)


Club membership is open to any person who shares an interest in the Objects of the Association and should contact the Club nearest to them. A full list of Clubs and contacts appear herein. Read the SAVVA Constitution here.


A Collector’s Vehicle Scheme is in place to enable members to insure their vehicles at extremely competitive rates. Covers available are full Comprehensive or Balance of Third party Fire and Theft, whilst in use or laid-up. Substantial reductions are in place for vehicles that are not used for daily transport. Information and a quotation form are available on this Web Site. The Club Secretary can also provide an Application and information.

SAVVA National Council has finalised a new scheme that will offer substantial benefits and reduced premiums. Please find related documents below.


Every person who takes part in an event organised by a SAVVA Club whether as a participant, official or passenger must have signed an Indemnity Form before the commencement of the event. This is permanent once issued. Club membership is not a pre-requisite. At the start of any event involving the use of a vehicle the card issued has to be available for presentation to the organisers. Generally organisers make provision for the issue of Indemnities at Registration for an event.


Any person entering an event that is sanctioned by SAVVA whether it be a non – competitive event run under a clearance certificate or a competitive event which operates with an organising permit, anybody driving a motor vehicle or riding a motorcycle must be in possession of a current SAVVA affiliated club membership card which has the appropriate wording on the reverse side of the card or alternatively hold a Motorsport SA licence.

It is imperative to note that if a club has tax exempt status it will not be able to offer temporary membership as per SARS Tax Guide – Recreational clubs – Section 30A(2)(v). It will however be able to offer pro rata membership provided the club constitution allows for this. SAVVA dues for these members MUST be included at the end of every year.


With the support and guidance of Motorsport South Africa, SAVVA has in place a National Competitions Committee which is responsible for the vetting of the Regulations for the running of competitive vintage and other vehicle events, issuing of permits and other relative details pertaining to the competitive side of the ownership and use of old vehicles.


Certain documents will require Adobe Reader in order to download, view, print or save them. Adobe Reader is free software and can be downloaded hereSome are large files so please be patient while they download.