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AGM 10th September 2022

AGM 9 September 2023 – Minutes

Annexure A: Application for an organising permit

Annexure A1: Application for a Clearance Certificate

Annexure B: Supplementary Regulations

Annexure C: Application for an Organising Permit – Supplementary Questionnaire

Annexure G: Pre Event Scrutiny Form

Annexure J. Application for SAVVA Sponsorship

Annexure O: Application for affiliation and membership

Annexure A2: Once off Clearance Certificate

Annexure A3: Special Event Clearance Certificate

Clearance Certificate Template

Annexure I: Clerk of the Course Report

Clubs Annual Remittance

Annexure F: Declaration by Driver/Rider

Annexure D: Entry Form

FIVA International ID Application

FIVA Technical Code

Annexure E: Indemnity Form

Insurance Advert – for inclusion in newsletters

Insurance Application Form

Insurance Scheme / Cover Proposal

List of SAVVA Affiliated Clubs

Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Form

Motorcycle Accident Claim Form


Annexure H: Protest/Appeal form

Annexure K: Vehicle Dating Forms

Annexure M: Change of Ownership

SAVVA Constitution

Annexure L: Motorcycle Dating Forms

SAVVA Handbook

Standing VSRs